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Cal. 12 External +20mm ported

OMPS 2 is the online shop of spare parts for weapons, tools and accessories. In our catalog you can find Beretta Original Chokes - Shooting - Mobilchoke Victory - Cal. 12 External +20mm ported.

We inform you that all listed components are available or can be ordered. If they are not in stock, delivery times may vary up to ten days. If the components are not listed, they are currently unavailable or out of stock.

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  • Mobilchoke ported ga.12 + 20 mm

    Reference: C6A864
    51,00 €
    INCL. VAT 22%
    62,22 €

    Chokes that can be used on 12 gauge over-under and semi-automatic shotguns equipped with Mobilchoke MC type barrels, such as Ultralight MC, Ultralight Gold MC, 687EELL Diamond Pigeon MC, AL391 Urika MC, AL390 MC, A390 MC, A303 MC, A304 MC, A300 Outlander, A300 Outlander Synthetic, A300 Outlander Camo.

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