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OMPS 2 is the online shop of spare parts for weapons, tools and accessories. In our catalog you can find Pellets.
We inform you that all listed components are available or can be ordered. If they are not in stock, delivery times may vary up to ten days. If the components are not listed, they are currently unavailable or out of stock.

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  • Pellets PB 500 PZ 4,5 SUPERDIABOLO

    Reference: 84585
    6,30 €
    INCL. VAT 22%
    7,69 €
    Pellets PB 500 PZ 4,5 SUPERDIABOLO Top of the range and most universal, giving assured accuracy from all air-guns. Twin ring design provides improved air-seal, positive rifling grip and in barrel pellet stability. Ribbed. Very accurate pellet especially for field and target shooting on long distances. Cal. 4.5 - gr. 0.53
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  • Pellets PB 500 PZ 4,5 SUPERFLAT

    Reference: 84584
    7,10 €
    INCL. VAT 22%
    8,66 €
    Pellets PB 500 PZ 4,5 SUPERFLAT Hight-quality air-rifle pellets for training and competition, ribbed. Perfect for sighting in target shooting. Calibro 4,5 da 0,46 gr.
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  • Pellets PB 500 PZ 4,5 SUPERPOINT

    Reference: 84582
    7,00 €
    INCL. VAT 22%
    8,54 €
    Pellets PB 500 PZ 4,5 SUPERPOINT Pointed pellet with advantage of twin ring design. Improving the velocity and penetration of lower powered guns, ribbed. Superpoint grants great penetration for any shooting for hunting and pest control. Calibro 4,5 da 0,53 gr
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